Showreel – September 2014 to January 2015 – BOA


My name is Ayeisha Watkins and i am currently studying at BOA (Birmingham Ormiston Academy). I am doing an Extended Diploma in Digital Arts. My ambitions for my time at the academy is to learn new creative skills which will allow me to look at more options within the side of Broadcast, such as the production of Music videos, the production of music in a general sense and also the Production of Radio. I think that by the end of my studying at BOA i will want to be able to move into a job with the focus of what i feel suits me best, if i however do not find a suitable area that will provide me the best outcome for my future i would like to look into different areas of creative arts, perhaps in the way of film making and how each film is produced by a large team, i would love to be a part of creating a film, even if i was only involved a slight amount. I enjoy looking at how cameras and different technology works through different types of media, I have a small interest in how different things are filmed such as the different angles that can be used to produce a better picture or to produce a wider view point, this is the side of camera work that i would like to look at, and perhaps look into in the future. I have not really worked with Media but have always found an interest within it so took into it by starting my studying at BOA. I have certain¬†interests in two areas of Media particularly my first interest is how concerts are filmed, such as how the “big screens” show live footage straight from the cameras,and how more than one camera are used at the same time and swapped around quickly to show different view points for the audience that can not see the stage due to where they are seated. I have often gone to concerts wondering how it all works but have never fully understood it.


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